Andrew Gunderson

My name is Paul Ryan and I am a pastel collector.  Among the many pastel artists I collect is Andrew Gunderson (1888 – 1964).  Gunderson lived in Monee Illinois, just South of Chicago and created a prolific amount of pastel paintings in his one man studio.  Most were landscapes, some seascapes and still life.  He created his own pastel hues for his special paintings.  I started this blog to discuss his paintings.  I collect pastel paintings as a hobby and as a collector.   I buy and sell and perhaps trade Gunderson pastel paintings just as any other collector would do with their hobby (baseball cards, coins, stamps, antiques, etc.)   I would hope that collectors and people that own Andrew Gunderson pastel paintings would discuss their paintings.  Post a picture and let us see the art Andrew Gunderson created.   I have been asked many questions about Gunderson and his paintings, mostly about the value and what the numbers mean on the back of the paintings represent.  I an NOT an expert, nor am I an appraiser, but I will offer my opinion on what is sent and hope others will offer theirs too.  Remember value is only what someone will pay for an object at a certain period of time.  Value depends on the painted scene and condition.  Damage to pastels (water damage, smudging, warped, tears or holes) will lessen a value.  Damaged frames or broken glass also.  So let the discussion begin.


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  1. Michelle Thomas Says:

    I think I have a chalk painting done by Andrew Gunderson. In the lower left hand corner signed by Gunderson. It is of a winter night scene of a cabin. Do you know where in Minnesota I can get an appraisal of it

    • Nancy Says:

      i have pastel daytime winter cabin scene signed by Gunderson in right hand lower corner, cabin on right side. Picture is approximately 7-8 inches by 16-17 inches, framed well with “Original Pastel” on the back and stamped “Franklin Picture 1746”.

  2. Paul Ryan Says:

    Michelle, I do not know of an appraiser in Minnesota. The pastel you refer to is also sometimes called “blacksmiths cabin” with various left and right situated cabins and darkness of night. Generally the standard size pastel 14″ X 28″ sight size is worth $160-$220 depending on condition, framing and the scene. Less common scenes are worth much more. Larger sizes 18″ X 40″ are also worth more and smaller sizes are worth less. Gunderson Pastels on flint paper are also worth more. Value is always dependent on what price someone would pay for it at any given time. Ebay pastels of similar scenes might have different values and none sell because the selling price is set too high or the condition is bad. There is no guarantee that a local auction will sell your pastel at a price you expected and there is always auction fees of upwards of 25% or more.

  3. Lisa diercks Says:

    Paul, I too am a collector of Andrew Gunderson’s pastels. I have been looking for a paingting featuring a windmill for some time, and I assume they are pretty rare. Do you have any experience with that subject matter?

    • Paul Ryan Says:

      Lisa. Nice to hear from a Andrew Gunderson Collector. I have a signed Gunderson pastel 14″ X 28″ sight size with a rock bridge in the foreground over a stream and a small windmill in the distance. I have not seen any other Gunderson windmills, Rare? If I have one, there could be other windmills paintings out there, perhaps in a Midwest home. Recently, there was a small windmill painiting ( 8 x 10 ?) that sold as Gunderson on ebay, and I was not sure of the script signature on that painting. June Rhode’s “Power of Pastels” book does not show any examples of Gunderson windmills, nor are any shown on the http://www.pastelmasters website as yet. Keep looking for the elusive windmill.

    • Donald Orner Says:

      Hi Lisa
      My brother in law had a Gunderson windmill pastel the windmill was on the right hand side and a lake in the back left

  4. Sally Telfer Says:

    Paul, My husband and I were cleaning out his mother’s home yesterday and we came across 3 framed paintings – look like Gunderson pastels. I brought 1 home to research and looks like his work (typical size and subject matter), look like original pastels. I can see there is some transfer of pastel to glass but don’t see any other damage. I plan to take to a conservator to have framed appropriately. How do you find a conservator who knows how to do this with pastels?

    • Paul Ryan Says:

      Sally, Congratulations on the nice find. You ask a great question, How do I conserve my pastels? I conserve my own pastels in two ways, matting or channel spacers that keep the pastel away from the glass surface and prevent transfer of pastel to the glass. I also cut and install a acid free foam core backing to replace the wood or cardboard backing, a new dustcover and some new flat type hanging hardware(not the screw in rings) and I use plastic coated hanging wire. A pastel really looks great with clean glass. There are excellent diagrams examples on the website under conservation (all the way to the right on the top heading). If the frame is not damaged, clean it up and reuse it, the glass is already cut to size, and an important thing is to try not to touch or scrape the pastel surface. If you want a frame shop installation, you would have to ask if they have done the procedure before and if your not comfortable find another frame shop. I do not know what it would cost locally? I do all my own conservation and I buy my material in bulk, but I would estimate my cost to be $15-$20 +/- a pastel. Glass and frame repair add to the cost and if the pastel itself has damage and needs repair a higher additional cost too. Hope this helps. Paul

  5. chris Says:

    My mom here in Portland has what we thought was a painting that just fell off the wall and the frame broke, we always thought it was a painting or print, after cleaning up the mess we figured out it is a pastel and the signiture says Gunderson, the pastel is 36″x16″ and it does have a windmill in the distance. The work has a road down the middle with birch trees on both side with the windmill in the distance. The broken glass did have pastel transferd to the glass. Another more serious problem was during the handling of the pastel it got smeared 3″ long and 1/4″ wide across one of the tree trunks.
    I read above that getting the pastel framed correctly will help with glass transfer.
    As far as the smear is that something a good pastel artist can restore?
    I have a couple of pics via cell phone avalible if you would like to view the pastel and smear. My mom’s father remembered the pastel when he has a boy (born in 1900) so we think it’s at least 100 years old. We have no idea of value???
    Any information would be appreciated.
    Thanks Chris

    • Paul Ryan Says:

      Chris, Sorry about the damage. Restoration is possible, try and find a reputable restorer. Andrew Gunderson was born is 1888, died 1964, so if he started painting at 23 it could be 100 years old, probably between 50 and 80 years old. Older pastels are signed A. Gunderson or Gunderson in script. Since it is apart, is it painted on cardboard or flint paper( Armours Chicago 399 or 400). I have always said that value is dependent on the scene, condition without damage, size, age, and special frames and what a individual would pay for it at any given time. Normal size of a pastel painting by Gunderson is 14″ X 28″ and most sell for $160-$220 larger ones more and smaller ones less, Older ones and paintings on flint paper or with special frames more too. Ebay is a pretty good guideline, the ones that do not sell are overpriced in the market. I would like to see the pictures of your pastel, my email is Paul Ryan

  6. john cardis Says:

    i collect various items. recently i picked up a gunderson painting.the scene is a cottage by a very calm river.. on the bank alure two guys by a camp fire. very old gallery lables on the back.painting is signed by last name only. im told that makes it more valueable.your opion of what i have

    • Paul Ryan Says:

      John This painting is what I refer to as a Gunderson Campfire. Gunderson painted many variations of the campfire, such as moonlight, dusk with sunset, without water or stream, a glowing fire or smoky fire and always had 2 men or figures in the scene. His later paintings were only signed Gunderson and earlier paintings were signed A. Gunderson or Gunderson in script. I do not think it is rarer with only the last name as that was how Gunderson signed them. As always value depends on the size, condition and the scene created. Paul

  7. Annie Mettler Says:

    years ago we moved into a house there were several things the older owners left theycame by at a later date and told me i could keep a older painting i fell in love with it was a negative pastel with a tag on back from mages of chicago, illinois. I looked at the painters name it says gunderson in script writing. Its a picture of a stream flowing through a wooded area the skylight is blue and pink it almost looks like early fall. the picture size is 14×28. theres some water damage on the back but picture looks fine. do you have any idea what this is worth?

    • Paul Ryan Says:

      Annie, Older Andrew Gunderson paintings were signed in script. He used Vilas Mages as his framer and when he painted the pastels he sent the paintings to them for framing and then resale to the general public. 14″ X 28″ is the standard size and worth $160-$220 depending on condition, and the scene. I believe the signature one are worth a bit more and so are the ones on flint paper. Water damage is real bad. I would replace the backing with acid free core foam and clean the glass and if you can install channel spacers to keep the pastel off the glass. Ebay is a pretty good guideline for value too. Paul

  8. Hardy Says:

    I have a Gunderson pastel in original frame, approx. 19×41 inches. Signed in the lower left corner. It is a pastel of a mill with a peaked roof, on a river in the woods, with two roads, one on either side on the river. Mountain range in the background and a large tree to the right and a smaller tree to the left with other trees around. It has been in the family for over 50 years and is in perfect condition. Have you seen anything like this? What might it be worth?

    • Paul Ryan Says:

      Hardy, This is a larger format size 18″ X40″ pastel size. Older signatures were A, Gunderson or Gunderson in script. Value is always dependent on condition(you say great shape) Size and type of scene and type of frame. Also his pastels on flint paper are worth a little more too. If everything is good and the scene is nice, I like the mill, then possibly $275-$300. Send a Photo or two, Paul

  9. Jane Kittleson Says:

    Hello, I have discovered I purchased a Gunderson at a local yard sale in TX. I am not sure who to trust with a pastel and should I put a new frame on it. I would like to chat.
    Thanks, Jane

    • Paul Ryan Says:

      I had an opportunity to speak to Jane by telephone and about her yard sale find. What a find for a few dollars. A 14″ X 28″ Gunderson pastel in good shape on 400 Armour Chicago flint paper. I gave Jane some tips on proper way to upgrade her pastel and frame. Gunderson pastels are out there if your lucky enough to find them for a few dollars even better. Thanks Jane. Paul Ryan

  10. Jane Kittleson Says:

    Thanks so much for all of your help and information. It looks great hanging on the wall for now. I have gone to a local frame shop and will follow up with the spacers you mentioned and other helpful tips.

  11. Melissa Smith Says:

    I have a framed 18″ by 30″ Gundarson of the two men and the tent standing my a campfire, with a lake and a moon. It is signed, Gundarson. Well, it looks like an “a” instead of an “e”. What is the value of this peice? If you would like I can upload a photo to you as well. Thank you for your time!

    • Paul Ryan Says:

      Melissa You pastel painting is a common scene by Andrew Gunderson. A campfire scene with lake and moon, and usually there are always 2 men, sometimes with or without a tent. A pastel value is dependent on the condition, without damage, type of frame and the scene. A Gunderson pastel 14″ X 28″ sight size is worth between $160 and $220. Pastels on flint paper and pastels with script signatures are older and his larger pastels are also worth a little more. Paul Ryan

  12. Joan Says:

    Hi. My husband and I just purchased what we believe is a Gunderson pastel from an antique dealer in southern South Dakota. He said it had belonged to his sister and her husband for many years. There is a partial label (torn) on the back which reads “Vilas-Mag” with “Chicago 2583 E 360” underneath. Below that is stamped “genuine pastel”. Also on the back written in either dark pencil or marker is the number 3601. We thought the name was Gundarson or Gunduson at first. I have not seen a description of a painting which sounds like the one we bought. It is 18 x 40 inches in a gold frame. It is a very tranquil early fall scene with a stream, a path and trees, and a house in the distance with a chimney and one window. There is no smoke coming from the chimney adn there are no people in the picture. It appears to be daytime, maybe afternoon. The only trees that look like birches are the trees back by the house. The picture is in great shape and appears to have no damage. My concern is that I have not seen another copy of our pastel in examples of his work, nor a description of one that sounds right. If we send you a picture do you think you would be able to tell us? Thank you.

    • Paul Ryan Says:

      Joan, It has all the elements of a Andrew Gunderson Pastel. A path along a stream, birch trees cottage, etc. Larger size 18″ X 40″. Villas Mages of Chicago, the framer, assigned the numbers and Gunderson would paint the scenes in various sizes. I do not think a record of the numbers and/or a catalog exists today. Send a photo, without using flash, Have you taken the back off the pastel to see if it is on board or flint paper? Is the signature printed or in script? Paul

  13. Mary Anne Magnuson Says:

    Paul, I have a pastel that I had matted and framed professionally many years ago. I’m certain its a Gunderson from the signature. It has either a pond or stream with a field in the background and birch trees and a path along the water. It looks like an evening scene. My father used to collect picture frames and this sat in my parents garage – un framed against the wall for many years with no protection through all Indiana seasons – he was no doubt interested in only the frame. After my father died and mom was moving, it was one of the things I took a I thought it was so beautiful and peaceful. There is a little mildew damage but it seems to blend well into the pastels and you really have to look for it. I am measuring 16 X 41 inches but some of it is behind the matt. Any thoughts on this. The signature looks to be script with the G printed
    Mary Anne

    • Paul Ryan Says:

      Mary Anne, Congratulations on saving your Gunderson pastel. It was pretty durable to survive the seasons of Indiana. Now that it has been matted and re-framed you can enjoy it. I do not know what the consequences of the mildew will be in the long run. Water damage has spoiled many pastel paintings and is another reason to keep them dry. Never spray glass cleaner directly to the glass always on a cloth first. It sounds like a large format 18″X40″ pastel. It has all the Gunderson components with the birch trees, and path or road along a stream. Did you notice what type of board it was painted on? perhaps flint paper (Armours, 400 Chicago) or just board. I am glad that you cared for it so well . Enjoy it. Paul Ryan

  14. Mary Anne Magnuson Says:

    Dear Paul, Thanks for your reply. Its painted on what I thought was a type of cardboard but a little harder. I know nothing about painting surfaces but it was not paper. It currently resides in my home in Connecticut so I guess his work is found coast to coast. I can’t think of a more wonderful hobby than yours. I have always been attracted to pastels and have another one in my bedroom that is a sunset scene with a house in it and sunset reds in the sky. My late significant other painted my bedroom to match the red in the picture. We used to go to auctions every Saturday night when he was alive and my house if totally furnished with dead peoples stuff. Wish I could find out who the artist is.
    Mary Anne

  15. Christi Holston Says:

    I collect Gunderson’ s in a small way myself.
    Growing up in Monee where Mr Gunderson did much of his work I remember going to his studio as a child when my parent’s picked out a picture as a wedding gift.
    There are loads of Gunderson collectors in Monee. Some of the older ladies at our church even remember taking painting lessons from him. His daughter was our school librarian and his granddaughter still lives in town. He is burried in our cemetery. The local funeral home has an extensive Gunderson collection which can be viewed whenever there is a funeral in town!

    • Paul Ryan Says:

      Christi. Wow what a wonderful tribute to a great pastel artist. Like everyone in town knew him. Must be quite a collection of wonderful Gunderson pastels around Monee. It would be wonderful if everyone came together and had a large exhibition of Gunderson pastels in his hometown. You are lucky as I am in the East (New York) and there are not many of his works around here, but mostly in the Midwest. Another reason why I collect them. Thanks for your comments. Paul

    • Mavis Springer Says:

      I grew up living behind the Gunderson home. As a child I have great memories of visiting the Gunderson’s and enjoying Mrs Gunderson’s culinary skill and looking in awe throw piles of Mr Gunderson’s pastels. We had many Gunderson pastels in our home and now as an adult I have a small collection. Monee had a population of 500 in the 1950’s and 60’s and I believe he was the only artist in town.

  16. D'Gaye Findlay Says:

    I have a Gunderson . The scene is obviously in the Fall…wonderful colors! The forefront is a meadow with trees at the edge and a little swale leading down to a rather figure eight shaped lake. Looks like some sort of bridge across the waist of the lake. behind are 2 ranges of mountains. The back one snow covered the front one the fall colors and then another to the front of that with a row of trees up it and a small red roofed house sits on a rise with a meandering path headed up to it from the lake and bridge. It was reframed properly by seattle art co according to a label on the back, but the vilas-megas?? tag is attached to it numbers on it are 3103-4204. I would love to have another of his works.

    • Paul Ryan Says:

      Thanks for the comment. It is nice to hear from Gunderson collectors about their pastel paintings. I myself have many Gundersons, one of my favorite pastel artists along with Chandler, Braley and Glatthaar. There are many Gunderson pastels available on the internet, ebay and at auctions. Try to find the ones in the best condition and ones that you like the scene painted. The Midwest has more of his paintings , especially around Illinois area. I am in the East and his paintings are scarcer here. Good luck with your finds. Paul

  17. Tracie LaMee Says:

    Hi Paul, my mother has a large pastel landscape. It is a vertical oval in an ornate frame with convex glass. She can’t find a signature. It is dated 1907 and my great grandfather bought in Chicago then. Other than the framer marks, anything else we should look for to see if it is a Gunderson?

    • Paul Ryan Says:

      Oval frames are sometimes difficult to see a signature without removing the pastel. Some frames are oval in the front and rectangular in the rear and the pastel is not cut down to fit the frame and the signature could be hidden, Some pastels are cut down and the signature is lost or shortened and of course some pastels have no signatures and the artist remains a mystery. Andrew Gunderson ALWAYS signed his pastels or else it was not finished. Paul

  18. Timothy Kirchoff Says:

    I have an original Gunderson that I would like to sell. it is signed on the left side and depicts a moonlit dusk over what looks like a lake with close up trees on the right and what looks like human figures in the woods. I have a few photos and would like for you to see them.

  19. cheryl Says:

    Paul can you suggest any books that list other pastel artist-I have a pastel “gateway to yosemti” on flint paper not sure of signature

    • Paul Ryan Says:

      Cheryl, I would suggest “The Power of Pastels” by June Rhode, printed in 2000, It is a 150 page book with various artists and lots of photos of pastel paintings. It mainly features Chandler, Gunderson and Glatthaar, along with Linder, Braley and other artists.and many unsigned pastels. It is a nice collectors guide for pastels. I would also send you to a collectors website. where there are pastel collectors paintings on display featuring Chandler, Gunderson, Glatthaar and Braley along with tips on conservation, etc. Hopefully soon my friend Gregory Kojoyian will have his extensive book on William Henry Chandler available on the market. Paul

  20. Pat & Kathy Lally, Columbus, Ohio Says:

    Hello Paul. Really enjoy reading the computer listed discussions/inquiries on Andrew Gunderson. I do have three inquiries:
    Is there a listing of dealer studios and/or major collectors (such as yourself) that specialize in collecting and possibly selling pastel paintings by Gunderson and Glatthaar (especially Gunderson)?
    Are there articles on past pastel exhibitions by these artists?
    What museums would have the best collections of these two pastel artists?

    Thank you for your comments.

    • Paul Ryan Says:

      Pat and Kathy. Thanks for your comments. I do not know of any specific dealers that only sell Andrew Gunderson or Albert Glatthaar pastels. I do not know of any museums that have an exhibit for them either. There was an exhibit of Gunderson pastels owned by the family and displayed by his granddaughter in Las vegas in 2009 at the art institute there, sorry I missed it and there was no catalog of the event either, would have loved to see them. Try to find them in your area, the Midwest, as they are more common there. A Book by June Rhode titled “The Power of Pastels” has a extensive photo collection of pastels too along with the pastelmasters web site. Check Craigslist website for areas near you and enter their names in the for sale search column. You might turn up something. Google their names for items possibly for sale at a dealer or auction in the future, They are out there and part of the enjoyment of the pastels is the thrill of finding them. Try to purchase pastels in the best condition possible and do not purchase water damaged pastels as they are difficult and costly to restore. Hope this gives you some clues in your search. Paul

  21. kendall clendenen Says:

    gunderson’s Yellowstone geyser

    I have one of these and his grandson sen’t me an email explaining how it come about. It is 13.5″x 27″ not including frame. I see it is very rare. hase a small dime size spot on right border, you have to look for it.

    • Paul Ryan Says:

      Kendall I have a Geyser pastel also and it is an exceptional pastel by Gunderson. 14″ X 28″ is the standard size and I have not seen it in other sizes by Gunderson Paul Ryan

      • terry Gilbertson Says:

        I too have the Geyser pastel and it is 14×28 as well. Just how rare is it and what is a rough value on it?

      • Paul Ryan Says:

        Andrew Gunderson painted many pastels of the same scenes so it is hard to say what is rare or how many of that scene still exist today Value are determined by the condition of the pastel and the scene. I would agree that the geyser pastel you have is a very desirable scene to a collector of fine pastels as well as Gunderson pastels. Enjoy It. Paul

      • Paul Ryan Says:

        Terry, Is the Geyser Rare? I don’t know how rare it is however, it is a sought after pastel, It is one of the Gunderson pastels in June Rhode’s “The Power Of Pastels” book. It is one of my favorite Gunderson pastels, mine is on flint paper and the colors really stand out. Gunderson could have produced hundreds, no one knows, Two recently sold on ebay one on April 16, 2012 for $675 and another on April 29, 2012 for $575. So the value is always what someone would pay for it. I think both were good buys. If you want to sell it you could post it here, and perhaps someone would be interested. Paul

  22. Beckie Says:

    Hi Paul My name is Beckie and I believe I have an original Gunderson pastel. Its in its original frame and it looks like his signiture but whats interesting is it looks like a portion of the signiture is smudge but it clearly says Gunderson. So I dont know if thats adds more value or less. I was hoping you could tell me more about my pastel, because I tried to look it up on the internet and couldnt find any info on it. Anything would be helpful thanks. I have picks I can email you, so you can check it ot. Thanks for your time.

    • Paul Ryan Says:

      Becky It is a Gunderson pastel. The signature is smudged and not complete. You would like to see a nice bold complete signature. Your pastel is a variation of Gunderson pastels referred to as the blacksmiths cabin, where the light from the blacksmiths shop shines out on the night snow. Paul Ryan

  23. Beckie Says:

    Yes, I would like to get more info. Do you think this is a rare pastel?

  24. Tierney Says:

    I have an Andrew Gunderson pastel with an art deco rounded frame, I am wondering about when it was painted and how much it might be worth.

    Here is the direct link to a photo of the painting:

    • Paul Ryan Says:

      Tierney, I love the ornate rounded corner frames of the period. They really set off a nice Gunderson pastel too. Probably painted prior to 1950’s and worth a bit more than the standard rectangle framed paintings. As I have said before depending on scene, and condition, most standard Gunderson”s carry a price of $160 – $220 and larger paintings and the ones on flint paper a bit moresmae with the Gunderson pastels with rounded frames. Enjoy yours. Paul

  25. Carlena Says:

    Hello Mr. Ryan…
    I just happened while researching on Andrew Gunderson,
    to find the link below, which is a 2002 posting on’s website by Andrew Gunderson’s “Grand-Daughter”…if you haven’t seen it, you (and others) will be even more amazed.
    Heres the link (I hope it works as I copied/pasted it):

    God Bless….Carlena

  26. Janeal Dunn Says:

    I recently bought a small pastel at an auction. The signature in the lower left appears to be Gundersan. It has a number 1155-51 on the back. I have not removed it from the frame though. It has two birch trunks in the right forefront near a stream. It is rather small only 11.5 x 3.5. I can email you a picture if it would be helpful.

    • Paul Ryan Says:

      Janeal, Thanks for your photos and it is indeed a Gunderson Pastel Painting. Although small, Gunderson would paint the pastels by those numbers (representing scene and size?) assigned by his framer Vilas Mages(Chicago). If possible, you should update it by replacing the older matting and install acid free backing, new dust cover and hanging hardware. Then it will last another fifty years. Enjoy it. Paul

  27. Kim Brown Says:

    Hi Paul!
    A few years ago I purchased what looked to be 2 original pieces of art from the Salvation Arm. When I got home and did some research I was pleasantly surprised! I had an original Andrew Gunderson pastel…a pair to to be exact. I did have them confirmed at a local antique shop. They are also in the original framing and paper backing from the frame shop in chicago. I would like to send you an email of the pastels to see if you can tell me if they are a rare piece by Gunderson. The pastels are of a flower…I believe them to be gardenias…but not sure. Also, I was considering selling them to help my son who is going away to college.

  28. Kim Brown Says:

    Ohhhh…and they reason I believe they might be rare is because almost everything I can find on Gunderson paintings is landscape and some fruit paintings. KIM

    • Paul Ryan Says:

      Kim, Congratulations on your thrift shop find. Gunderson painted many pastel scenes over his lifetime. I have seen the Gardinias flower before, although not too many. I often wondered if he painted them for someone special and then duplicated them for his framer Vilas Mages. Value is always determined by what someone would pay for and item and the condition of the artwork. I would say they would bring the average Gunderson pastel prices for that size artwork. Paul

  29. Tom Gunderson Says:

    It still amazing to me how much everyone enjoys Andrew Gunderson’s paintings! I guess i took them for granate growing as they are all over the house, I am Andrew Gunderson’s great grandson. I never got to meet him, but It was fun growing up hearing the stories from my Dad about “helping” Grandpa Andy in his studio. I think we still have his case with a bunch of different homemade pastels in it. Keep up the nice site and good collecting!

    • Paul Ryan Says:

      Tom, Thanks for the comment about the site. I guess you too are fascinated on his painting abilities and his skill put into each of his paintings, had you met him in person you could have witnessed the paintings progress as he worked. With the hundreds of Andrew Gunderson pastels scenes out there I wonder what your favorite Andrew Gunderson pastel is? I could tell you that mine is the geyser pastel that I own. Thanks for you comments. Paul

  30. Tom Gunderson Says:

    There are a few that stand out within our collection, I have a small 8×10 of some baby chicks just hatched out of some egg shells I love because I now live in the “country” and have chickens from time to time. It was recently found in a storage box, I grabbed that right away! I have a typical lake scene at the house that has some vibrant blues that make the painting jump off the wall, you would swear it was painted yesterday. Keep in mind that for the most part the family collection are still in orignal frames/matts, very few have been fixed or re-papered on the back, most of which have never left the safety of the glass.

    However, the stand out prize still in the safety of the local family, is a large (probably off the top of my head 30″ x 40″ ish) painting of the Illinois Central Green Diamond train running full speed thru the countryside. As the story goes, Andy saw that train come thru town (near Monee IL) one time, and it was probably going 80-90 mph. You would swear he took a photo and copied off it, because the amount of detail he captured is unbelieveable. Dad has told me he painted 3 copies, 2 were given to the railroad, which to this day have never re-surfaced, and we have the third. It’s the only known color picture of the train, there was no color photography then. We have had several historians and a model train company come take pictures to get the right color to make the model trains in since there no record of the color.

    There are plenty more favorites, as my parents, my sister, and I have a good collection in our care, and there is more still held by others in the family both locally and around the country. We still find them from time to time in the area at estate sales, garage sales, and the like.

    This will sound crazy to you all, but several years ago a new funeral home was built in Monee, IL (his home town), and the owners have a large collection which they have put on display in a wonderful gallery setting at the funeral home. If your ever going to be near there you might want to call ahead and see if you can come in to see it (preferably standing up lol).

    • Lisa Diercks Says:

      I would love to see a photo of the IC Green Diamond. I grew up in Monee, and always loved the fact that the IC ran through the middle of town. Can you post it in the Pastel Master gallery? Or perhaps the facebook site?

      Thanks for posting information!

      b/t/w: I didn’t know about the funeral home until I was there at a visitation. It’s a lovely collection!

      • Tom Gunderson Says:

        I have some snapshots of it, but I don’t do facebook. I cannot find the Pastel Master Gallery? Someone tell me where I can post it and I will.

      • Paul Ryan Says:

        The painting of the Illinois Central Green Diamond has been posted on the Gunderson Pastel Paintings Facebook site. Thanks to Daniel Gunderson and his son Tom Gunderson for their permission to do so. Paul

      • Lisa Diercks Says:

        Thank you for sharing these photos.

  31. Paul Ryan Says:

    Outstanding Tom. I had heard the story of the funeral home with the Gunderson pastels in Monee Illinois. It is posted somewhere in these blogs. There are also some nice pastels shown in June Rohde’s book “the Power of Pastels” and on the website Paul

    • Shannon Says:

      Hi There,

      I myself just came in possession of a Gunderson pastel by way of inheritance from my Grandmother. I’m enthralled with all the discussion going on about it. How would you guys feel about opening a Facebook page for displaying images of all of our paintings? I’d love to see what everyone else’s look like.

      Also, a few questions: Do you know how many pastels he did total? Is there already a treasure trove of Gunderson Eye Candy on another site somewhere that I can look at? I’ve seen a few of them on line, but mostly auctions and that sort of thing. I’d be interested to just see what others have. If you guys are interested, I’ll create it and help manage the page. Totally up to you! Just want to see what some of the other paintings look like.

      The image I have literally looks like I could climb in and go for a dusky walk along the path. It’s the most serene, beautiful scene.

      Thanks for your page here. It’s really great!

      Shannon in Michigan

  32. Stefanie Smith Says:

    I inherited this from my grandparents who lived in North Dakota.
    It’s numbered 18. I had the glass replaced as it broke and smugged an area in
    right hand corner. An exact example is on ebay for $385. It’s a picture of a river with a road to the right of it.

    • Paul Ryan Says:

      Stefanie, congratulations on your inheritance. Andrew Gunderson did paint many pastel paintings of the same scene although all are different but similar. A common scene was a path or road along a river or lake with birch trees. Ebay is one area to find Andrew Gunderson pastels as well as auctions, flea markets and antique shops. The finds are out there but always try to find the pastels in the best condition without any damage issues. good Luck. Paul

  33. Lisa Diercks (still looking for windmills!) Says:

    I’ve been to a funeral at the funeral home you mention, and the collection they have is really lovely! It inspired my cousin to start collecting!

    • Paul Ryan Says:

      Thanks Lisa(still looking for windmills)great handle by the way. I guess the Monee, Illinois funeral home will be turning into a tourist attraction or a gallery for Gunderson collectors. I hope that sometime I will get to see the paintings there myself. Thanks for the comment and help your cousin with the collecting. And speaking of a collection, there is a steak house in NYC called “Sparks” and they have hundreds of pastel paintings(various artists) on their walls too. I have seen that collection myself. Paul

  34. John Brillman Says:

    I inherited several Gunderson’s from my family. As a child I was told that my grandfather served in WW I with him although that could be false. They are a part of my fondest childhood memories and I treasure them . I even have a set of 4 small ones that represent the seasons. Kind of my pastel Vivaldi. If you are interested I will take photos and send them along.

  35. Kim Brown Says:

    I think creating a Facebook page to display pics of our pastels is a great idea!

  36. John Brillman Says:

    I absolutely agree and I don’t like Facebook.

  37. mike gunderson Says:

    I like 2 sell may pastel by gunderson

  38. John Brillman Says:

    I have pictures of my Gundersons. Is there a place where you post pictures?

  39. John Brillman Says:

    It keeps coming back as profile unavailable.

  40. Bill Henchel Says:

    Greetings all.
    I have a Gunderson Chalk from the turn of the last century. It is a moon rise over a still lake and I love it. Anyone know much about this genre in Gunderson terms?

    • Paul Ryan Says:

      Bill, many of Gunderson’s paintings involved moonlight over a lake. Perhaps with a campfire or tent and campfire, usually 2 figures too. Some reference to a fisherman’s fire or camping campfire also. I have also seen paintings with just the lake and the moon. He usually did variations on all of the scenes with the lake either daylight or night time. Paul

  41. John Brillman Says:

    I have a set of 4 depicting the seasons and in the one for aurumn there is 2 people over a camp fire with moonlight in the background.

    • Paul Ryan Says:

      John The four seasons were a popular series for Gunderson. People could buy their favorite one or all of the seasons, The campfire sometimes with a tent usually had 2 figures but sometimes just the campfire itself.

  42. John Brillman Says:

    I have all 4. The campfire has 2 people and a canoe. No tent. It is my favorite of the 4.

  43. Paul Ryan Says:

    I am fond of the many varieties of Gunderson campfires myself. Paul

  44. christi Says:

    I have a framed gunderson chalk piece that is signed. It is of a path lined with trees and a creek with sunset in the background. It measures 17×48 with frame. It looks as though it is on paper but I am not sure. Can you tell me were to get it appraised? The number on the back reads . #184051

    • Paul Ryan Says:

      Christi You have a large sized Gunderson pastel painting. Paths or roads along a creek or lake were common Gunderson scenes. Sometimes he added a fire or a tent and two figures but in your case he created the sunset. There is record I know of regarding the numbers although the Vilas Mages label, his framer, is common on many of the original pastels. Value depends on the condition, size, scene, frame. A local auction place might give you an estimate or perhaps what others are selling for on E bay. Normally the Gunderson pastels sell from between $160-$220 with larger sizes bringing $50-$75 more. Good luck with your painting.

  45. Victoria Says:

    I came across a Gunderson painting but unlike most descriptions it does not have water in it or a cabin or teepee…it as well as its frame are in great condition. I was wondering if mine was a rare piece since it does not contain the normal aspects of his work

    • Paul Ryan Says:

      Victoria I would have to see a photo of your painting to know what the scene was that was painted. Many Gundersons were without water or cabins or teepees as he painted still life and marine as well as many variations of landscapes. you can post a photo of your Gunderson on a facebook page i created for collectors.… Paul

  46. Lou Tognetti Says:

    Dear Mr. Ryan, I own an original Gunderson pastel, a scene of a winter river with a man in a boat and the sun either coming up or setting in the back ground. I recently had it cleaned and re-mounted w/ spacers and acid free backing. I asked the conservator if there was any evidence of age in the inside of the picture, frame or anywhere. Nothing showed up except the original backing which has a number on it: 1210-151. Does this mean anything? thanks, Lou Tognetti

  47. Lisa Diercks Says:

    Tom, Thanks for your response. The Pastel Gallery is at: Timothy Osha is the curator.

  48. Steve Beucus Says:

    Dear Paul,

    Andrew Gunderson is my Great Uncle. Unfortunately, I do not have any of his pastels; but, I do have a pen & ink drawing caricature of a “zoot suiter” (or similar character). Someone has written on the back that it was done when he was about 18. It is signed “A. Gunderson” and is small (about 5″x7″). Do you know if there is any source to find out whether Andrew had experimented in other media early in his career?

    • Paul Ryan Says:

      Steve, I do not know if he experimented with other media. It would seem that an artist would sketch ideas for paintings and at age 18 that probably is what happened regarding your sketch. Perhaps a family member will comment on your sketch here too. Paul

      • Paul Ryan Says:

        Steve, I have asked a member of the Gunderson family and it is possible that he did do pen and ink and cartoon/caraictures. Like many artists he experimented with different mediums. He did do a limited number of oil paintings, but did not like working with oils. Wonder how rare those oil paintings would be. Paul

  49. Elaine Esbeck Says:

    Hi Paul, I have owned a Gunderson piece since 1990. I found it in an antique warehouse in down town San Diego, Ca. It really was not my kind of art, but I was really drawn to it..I kept going back to look @ it and I finally bought it. It struck me as very mysterious, maybe a place I had been or would like to go. It is a nocturnal pastel @ moonrise, w/ the road, the water and the fire…and incredible trees. It is approx. 14×41.The frame was vintage to the piece, but in terrible condition and is long gone. I have often wondered bout the artist…I remembered a Chicago sticker on the back. Piece is signed in the lower left corner and is in excellent condition. I recently reframed it and now have a couple that is interested in buying the piece. I was so pleased to finally find some info on line about this cool piece that has been in my life all this time. I can not decide if I am ready to part w/ this piece, but I really do not have place for it in my current home. Thanks for all the feed back and info…I will photograph for you and see what you think…I think there are auction prices available, no?

  50. rojadirecta champions league Says:

    Wonderful site. A lot of useful information here. I am sending it to a few pals ans also sharing in
    delicious. And of course, thanks on your effort!

  51. Sara Wegner Says:

    Hello Paul, I just recently purchased a landscape pastel from a resale shop for $10. I really liked the detail in the picture. I looked up the name in the lower right hand corner. Gundarson. To my surprise he’s famous. 17″ by 30″. Stream with a dirt road with ruts running along side, Mt. In the background and several trees. I’m very excited about this. Looks to be very old as the paper covering the back has turned dark and brittle, broken away in places reveling nails holding the picture inside.

  52. Connie Warren Says:

    I went to a estate sale and bought a Gunderson painting for $17.00 was hoping you may know something about it, Can I send you a picture? (Or see facebook post)

  53. janice johnson Says:

    I have an a. Gunderson painting of an original pastel painting…1956

  54. Bill Says:

    Does anyone know if Gunderson ever signed his work in cursive writing?

  55. Bill Says:

    Thanks Paul. Would that affect the value?

  56. Anita Davis Says:

    HI Paul,
    I bought what I am positive is an Andrew Gunderson chalk picture last weekend. It is the standard size for his work according to your answers above (14×28). It is on paper. It is of a cabin in the middle of lots of trees with a path going back to it. The signature seems different though since it appears that he tried to work it into the picture unobtrusively. The “G” is in a deep shadow in the middle of the path. The other letters aren’t all there. Maybe a “u” and an “n”. The “G” is an obvious “G”, the others more like marks in the path. I haven’t seen anything about this alternative signature. The only ones I’ve seen are spelled out clearly. Have you ever seen or heard of one like this one? There are also numbers on the back like some of the ones described above: ” #48 C” (cursive C or possibly an e)
    ” C (or e) 3 117″
    I would appreciate any information you can give me. Thank you!


  57. Patty Says:

    While going through my mom’s home I found a framed etching of a ship. The bottom has printed in script “Clipper Ship” and
    “Gunderson” could this be the same artist?

  58. Tricia Brewer Says:

    I have two Gunderson paintings.Both are country scenes with haystacks,trees and houses, and one has a windmill. I live in Des.Moines Ia. I found the paintings at a garage sale. The off white frames are slightly damaged. The paintings look good although one of the signatures is smudged a bit on the end part.There are auction numbers on the back and 1953 wrote in pencil.I’m curious to know the value. Maybe you know someplace in Iowa that would know about his work.

  59. Tom Miller Says:

    Hi, I just came across an Andrew Gunderson pastel and I can find no other like it. It is a seascape with a sail type boat on one side and a rock bank on the other. It is very dark overall in color as if at sunset with the sun coming through beautifully through the clouds and glowing onto the waves. It a similar appearance to a Hudson River seascape. It does have some smudges and there is a loss of chalk in some places from rubbing against the glass. I am wondering if you have seen similar works by Gunderson?

    • Paul Ryan Says:

      Tom I would have to see a photograph of the paining and the Signature to determine if it is a Gunderson painting

      • Jane Says:

        Hi Paul,
        I own a Gunderson that is unlike the works shown for sale on websites and ebay. How do I share a photo of the work and the signature with you to get your opinion of the possible date of the work?

  60. Jim Steiner Says:

    I have had a Gunderson painting for 35 years. I bought it in Michigan from a neighbor who told me that it was her Mother’s. My neighbor at that time was in her 70’s, so I assume that it’s pretty old. It’s a Seascape. A ship or large sail boat in the moon light. Have not seen or read about any other Seascape paintings. I believe that it’s in the original frame. Have not had it appraised. Can you tell me more about this painting? It’s signed Gunderson in the lower right hand corner. Thank you

  61. Sarah Coons Says:

    I bought a framed Gunderson pastel original at a yard sell in Grand Forks North Dakota in the late 90’s. It is a landscape with rolling hills in the background. I did put acid free spacer strips along the edges and an acid free foam core backing. The original antique gold frame is now painted brown. Other then that it is in excellent condition. Curious to find out worth.

  62. Chris Says:

    Have to pictures from gunderson bought at estate sale looking for a value on them 15 x 13 have 2 of them river scene and river mountain scene

  63. Betty Huber Says:

    I have a group of 3 pastels that are signed Gunderson in the lower left. One is a cabin in the woods amid snow. It is maybe 15″ x 18″. Another is a path through the woods in autumn, about 8″ x 10″. The other is a stream in the woods at night (moon is depicted), about 8″ x 10″ . They appear to have the original frames which look to be from the 50s. If they are numbered, the number is obscured by paper covering the back of the framing. Can you tell me anything about them? – Thanks

    • Paul Ryan Says:

      Betty, Part of Gunderson’s 4 seasons paintings depicting the four seasons.. Looks like you have Autumn and Winter, Gunderson painted the same scenes in various sizes with amazing precision. The 8″ X 10″ are worth about $40-$50 and perhaps the larger one $75.

  64. Betty Huber Says:

    Thanks for the update!

  65. John Brillman Says:

    My grandfather knew Gunderson and purchased several works including the 4 seasons. Mine are of the 8 x 10 variety and hang proudly in my hallway. Treasures.

  66. Frances Rochford Says:

    I have 3 pastels that I purchased in 1967 from St Joseph’s Community Hospital prior to domlition to build a new one. This is in New Hampton Ia. At the time I did not reaze they were pastels. I have removed the back of only in search of the artists signature, but never found one. Today I saw a photo of a pastel very closely resembling thus gunderson and came across your blog. I can take pictures and email if you like

    • Paul Ryan Says:

      Congratulations on your pastel collection. Andrew Gunderson always signed his paintings or else they were not finished or complete. He died in 1964 so hopefully the paintings were painted long before that date. His paintings were popular in the Midwest area as his studio was in Monee,Illinois. You can send photographs of your Gunderson paintings to me at

  67. John Mcguigan Says:

    Anyone interested in a beautiful Gunderson print contact Ina at 908-578-4118.

  68. roy Says:

    Hi just found a Gunderson pastel at an auction for $25 14×28 landscape very nice frame and picture road, river, mountains and trees would like to know the date its seems to be an old frame and is sealed in the back

    • Paul Ryan Says:

      Gunderson pastels were not dated. Most were between 1920’s-1950’s. Older ones had Gunderson in script or A Gunderson. Many of his pastels were of a lake and a path or roadway along side the lake.

  69. Kelley Smedley Says:

    Just purchased my second Gunderson. It is in pretty good shape, 18×24 night scene of a ship. Any suggestions on where to find more pictures of his work, other than just a google search? I like trying to find the ones I have, as well as the one my family has. I have had no luck with that though.

    • Paul Ryan Says:

      Kelly Try the book Power Of Pastels by June Rhode, perhaps a Library would have one. Also try There are many pastels by Gunderson, Chandler, Braley and Glatthaar displayed there also. Some Collectors have displayed their Gunderson pastels on a facebook page I have set up for Gunderson Collectors to post their paintings. Good Luck with your search

  70. Charles Little Says:

    My friend has a painting by A. Gunderson, he would like to get some information about him and his paintings.
    Charles Little
    La Mesa CA

  71. Kelley Smedley Says:

    Hi Paul, sorry if I am double posting, don’t think my first went through. I have a Gunderson that I would like to get your take on. Can I send you some pics?

  72. Robert Grajek Says:

    I have a pastel by Gunderson depicting a dirt road/pathway along a stream with trees in foreground and two homes in background. I would call it a fall scene.
    It was given to me by my mother before she died several years ago. I remember the picture since I was a boy (now 67).
    I believe my parents purchased it in Chicago area in the late 30’s or early 40’s, though I have no docs or verification.
    I can provide photos. It’s in a glass gold frame measuring 33.5 inches by 21.5. In lower left corner its signed Gunderson

    • Paul Ryan Says:

      Gunderson frequently painted the scene described with a path or roadway along a lake or stream and sometimes with a campfire, tent and 2 figures. The scene was repeated in the 3 warm seasons, Spring, Summer and Fall.

  73. Dale Amborski Says:

    I purchased, what I thought was a charcoal at a garage sale for $20. Took it home and removed it from the frame and found the numbers on the cardboard filler and on the reverse of the paper it stated it was flint paper. I,d like to send you pictures and discuss the piece.

    Dale Amborski

  74. Ken Bloom Says:

    Hello Paul, my grandmother had a painting that is marked ‘Gen Pastel’ on a label on the back of the frame. The label shows a large M with GC below it and in an arch around the top it says frames mouldings pictures with Chicago at the bottom. It is numbered with what looks like 1322 or 1522. It also shows a price of 4.25 with something in front of the number but I can’t read it. The picture is a surf scene with a large tree and some other brush. There may one or two sail boats but sadly there is much transfer of the pastel to the glass so it hard to see. I’m not even sure this is a Gunderson work. I don’t see an autograph but I don’t exactly know what to look for. Is there an example of his signature somewhere? This is a great site.

  75. Patrick Stults Says:

    Paul, Since having found a couple little Gundersons in a garage sale this summer, I have become a serious fan. In Phoenix, today, I purchased another (larger siz3) of a scene I have not come across at all: deep in woods with some bright pinks, etc. and off in the center distance two figures and a tent. The paper has warped and come in contact with the glass in a few places but with no significant smudging. Any idea which image this is? Would it be wise to open the picture, clean the glass, and replace it using spacers?

  76. Paul Ryan Says:

    Patrick, Sorry I would have to see the image to comment on it. Clean glass always enhances the painting and the spacers will keep it from smudging onto the glass in the future You could post a photo of your Gunderson on a facebook page i have set up so Gunderson collectors could show their paintings.

  77. Shirley Says:

    Hi Paul,
    The pastel picture I am sending a photo of is possibly a Gunderson. When I received it in the 1980’s I took it to a framing shop and had them frame it under glass. I don’t recall if there was a signature. I remember they sprayed it with some sort of a fixative because the chalk was flaking. It was in an attic for many years and not cared for. They matted it and the only way I can see a signature is if I take it completely apart. I don’t really want to do that. Could it be a Gunderson? I will post a photo on the Facebook site. Thanks, Shirley

    • Paul Ryan Says:

      Shirley. I have looked at your Photograph of your pastel. Unless there is a signature I do not believe it was painted by Andrew Gunderson. His paintings although similar to yours are more finite in detail.

  78. Shirley Says:

    Thanks for responding quickly, Paul. I now need to make up my mind as to whether I want to unframe my pastel to see what is under the mat, if anything.

  79. Heidi Says:

    Hi we have four small ( 8 by 6 inch) signed pastels still in their original frames. They each have the number, 3322 B and a number following. Most of the following numbers are unreadable but one is clearly 3322 B 16. They are a windmill, a cottage on a hill, a tree in bloom with a cottage and the last is an autumn scene with trees. We would love to know more about these including age and value. I can send a picture if I have an email address to send it to.

    • Paul Ryan Says:

      Heidi, Andrew Gunderson painted some of his smaller paintings with a 4 seasons Scenes, He painted mostly from the 1910s til his death in 1964. You could have a Spring and a Fall Scene along with your other two paintings. Gunderson painted in many sizes and the similar scenes could have been larger in proportion to yours.. The VM Label is his framer Vilas Mages, from Chicago. Value is always determined by size, condition of the pastel and the frame and a desirable scene, without any damage, Generally the larger paintings 18″ X 40″ and 14″ X 28″ bring a higher value than the 6 “X 8” paintings.

  80. Heidi Says:

    More on the 4 pastels . They have V M on the back also. I tried the facebook link and it did not work.

  81. Heidi Says:

    thank you

  82. Karen Bentele Says:

    Hi Paul – I picked up a couple of Andrew Gunderson paintings last week that had been in someone’s closet for decades. They are really quite lovely – one is the larger size 25 x 11 – both are autumn colors with stormy skies. It appears that neither one has been out of their original frames. I am interested in selling them to an appreciator – I frankly just rescued them so that they could be viewed again. I don’t see how to post pictures to you but if you would like to send me info on how to post a pic should you want to see them. Thank you, Karen

  83. Jonathan Pratt Says:

    Hi, My mother has what I think is a Gunderson. Two tee pees on a lake, fire and smoke and two figures. Is this a pastel or chalk? Is this a fairly common version? Thank you!

  84. Trisha Maas Says:

    Hello Paul. I have a Gunderson pastel. It’s “The Road by the Lake”. My parents got it for a wedding gift in 1951. When she moved I got the picture. I love it. I want to drive down that road to see what is around the corner. 🙂 I was wondering if you new what these paintings are worth. It’s in great condition. Original gold frame. Just wondering. Thank you for your time. Trisha.

    • Paul Ryan Says:

      Trisha, I would say the normal sized Gunderson Painting 14″ X 28″ in great condition without any damage in a good frame could bring $175-$225 depending on the scene. Larger paintings bring a little more. Gunderson painted many scenes with a road or path along a lake in many variations and sizes of the scene also.

  85. Tim Says:

    Hello Paul,

    Can you point me to a source to compare Gunserson signatures on his art for the purpose of authenticating his work? Also if there is a resource that would be helpful in discerning original work versus copies/knockoffs I’d be most appreciative. I am quite new to his work as an artist recognized by me, but have long admired his style.

    • Paul Ryan Says:

      I would say that many of his signatures typically have the Large G. his older signatures were signed A Gunderson in script. June Rhode’s book “Power Of Pastels” has a sample of his signature as well.

  86. Heather Says:

    I recently had the good fortune to pick up a “picture”at rumage sale. I had no place for it but for some reason I had to have it. On the back it has number and a.gundersonon a piece of leather. Thecardboard on the back also has the same numbers. Is it possible i have a piece of his work rather than a print. I no nothing of art.but this is so beutiful. It apearsto be a fall scene around a small puddle or pond. I would love to share a picture of it with you.

  87. James Lurvey Says:

    I have a pastel original. Would consider selling. Original frame.

  88. Tony Petreikis Says:

    Paul, I have two Gunderson paintings that have been passed down to me from my great grandmother and grandfather. They lived in Peotone, Illinois until the 1970’s. Both paintings are approximately 8″ x20″. Both are landscapes. One has a birch tree in the foreground with a small creek to the left and a trail on the right. The setting appears to be in the fall. The other has a mountain in the background with a waterfall and creek or river flowing from it. There are spruce trees on either side in the foreground with a few rocks in the middle.
    Anything you can tell me about the paintings would be greatly appreciated!

    • Paul Ryan Says:

      Gunderson painted many scenes with the birch trees and a path along a lake, sometimes with a fire, tent and 2 figures and seasonal scenes like the fall or spring. The other mountain stream sometimes had a sunset over the stream with a nice sunset glow.

  89. Todd Says:

    I own Gunderson pastel and love them.

  90. Jan Roach Says:

    I have a pastel that was my Great Grandmothers. I remember it hanging in her house and now I have it. I love it but don’t know anything about it. It is a picture of a sailboat in the distance with a large tree on the bank in the forefront. With the original frame it measures 33″ by 17″. Gunderson is signed on the lower left of the picture. On the back it has a label from “Mages Chicago” that indicates a number of 1626-204. What can you tell me about this?? Any information would be greatly appreciated. Thank you

    • Paul Ryan Says:

      Jan It seems to be a standard size painting Sight 14″ X 28″. The numbers were assigned by Vilas Mages, Chicago, Gunderson’s framer. without a photo it would be difficult to determine the scene. Gunderson painted many scenes with sailboats in a lake or sea with trees along a shoreline.

  91. Donna Martin-Isard Says:

    Mr. Ryan, I have two small Gunderson pastels, 5 1/2 x 7 1/2″ each. One is a road past some trees, the other is a road past a tree on the left and a windmill in the middle distance on the right. His name is slightly smudged on the road with trees and the pastel has transferred to the glass on both. Having worked in frame shops for years, I can reframe them using conservation methods. They are in deep 3 1/2″ wide wood frames with a mahogany finish with 1 1/2″ of that in gold. The gold appears to be paint and not gilded as it has worn off in places. I would consider selling them. Any information you could provide would be helpful. Thank You!

  92. Lisa Diercks Says:

    I’d love to see it!

  93. James Larson Says:

    I have a Gunderson pastel that I can’t find anything out about. Maybe you can hel

  94. Russell rice Says:

    Look I have a pastel painting it is a landscape painting by Andrew Gunderson on the back it says Chicago images number 1836_6_04 I was wondering wat that was and will it effect it’s value

  95. Andy ware Says:

    Hello I have a beautiful seascape by Andrew Gunderson I need to sell asap .It’s Rounding the horn measures 22″x44″ frame appears to be original.sticker on back reads 25 83_d_3618 sighed in left bottom corner Gunderson.I live in kansas and am selling due to financial problems it’s breath taking and in excellent conditionit has to be displayed where its beauty can be seen!!!! Please let me know if you want my name is Andy Ware phone number 785_844_3342 call or text me

  96. Lou Ann Hoffman Says:

    I have 2 Gunderson pastels interested in selling If you are interested in viewing I can send pictures

  97. Roy Says:

    Would like to see pics might be interested

  98. Camrell Says:

    I have a painting by Gunderson also. It is a little cabin up on a hill with a path going to it down below is pine trees with what may be a lake that has created a small pond in front of it. It’s in great shape all original. It was in ln a house on a lake that family bought up here in North Western Wisconsin. I can email picture to u I would like an idea of the value.

  99. William Henchel Says:

    Glad to see this website. Circa 1984, I came across & acquired a Gundersen original chalkie at Fox Valley mall in Aurora, Illinois. It is a moon rise on a lake & I love it! It is reminiscent of my Wisconsin childhood.
    So question: how can I text you a picture of it? Sincerely, Bill Henchel

  100. Cynthia Waight Says:

    Hello, I don’t know how old this post is but are you still looking at Andrew Gunderson art work? I found one in my grandmas house, a water scene w/ mountain in the back, a colourful tree to the left and it looks like a campfire scene on the right with trees.

  101. Lori Graalum Says:

    I bought a Gunderson pastel painting 10 yrs ago in Springfield Illinois of trees mountains and water with pencil date on back of 1959=gze and VM CO the #3103-c 6 or 16. It’s in original frame. I plan on putting it on eBay but can’t find a price guide to go by. Any suggestions?

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